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Medical School Grants to Help you Finish and achieve your Dreams

There are a lot of student who wants to pursue a medical profession, however, they are unable to do so as some are financially unstable. This is why medical school loans exist as careers in the medical field have been in demand and continuously booming as years goes by. Students wanted to pursue this career because it is a favorable ground for employment. But being in the medical school will cost you a fortune since the tuition and other fees are really expensive. This is the reason why most of the time the doctors that are able to finish their course are coming from the rich families.

Being in a medical school is no joke since it will surely take up a large amount of money and as well as time. You will be spending 4 years for undergraduate work, another 4 years of your life for medical school and lastly, 3 to 8 years of residency which depends on the medical discipline that you picked. Imagine the years you will spend, a total of 11 – 16 years of studying to become a really good physician. From the first time, you should be financially prepared as it is hard if you will stop or pull out halfway. All the years and the money you spent will all be put into waste if this is the case.

But this does not take away the dream of the students who really want to proceed to the medical field. As they all say, if there’s a will there will always be a way and there are schools and other organizations that will gladly help you find a way to be able to achieve your dreams. Medical School Grants are offered by most medical schools to help you finish your course.


Here are some scholarships for medical school:

  • National Institute of Health (NIH) Academic Research Enhancement Award (AREA)


This grant is awarded to students who are engaged in research projects with regards to the behavioral sciences or biomedical field. To be able to be awarded with the grant the student should be currently into health professional school.


This grant aims to aid the research conducted by students in the health profession, to intensify the involvement of the student with the research environment and to build up the research environment of the educational institution, lastly this grant aims to inspire students to proceed and get into biomedical sciences.



To be eligible for the said grant, the student must be enrolled in one of the following:


  1. Allied Health
  2. Chiropractic Medicine
  3. Dentistry
  4. Nursing
  5. Nutrition
  6. Optometry
  7. Osteopathy
  8. Pharmacy
  9. Podiatry
  10. Public health
  11. School of Medicine
  12. Veterinary Medicine


Three million dollars is given every year to the awarded scholars to fund their research within the biomedical field. The deadline of submission depends upon the type of grant they have submitted. For standard application the deadlines are every February 25th, June 25th and October 25th of the year. For AIDS related research the deadlines set are on January 7, May 7 and September 7. What’s good about this grant is that it can be submitted via online submission which can be found in the website.

If you have further questions you may contact the office of Extramural Research at the National Institutes of health or you may also send them an email via R151@mail.nih.gov .


  • Biomedical Vacation Scholarships


This scholarship grant gives undergraduate students a privilege to have an experience with research during their summer vacation and encourages them to pursue a career in research which can go together with the medical career that they want. This research can be used later on with their chosen graduate level program like an M.D or Ph.D. degree. The grant will amount to 190 pounds per week and the research will last for eight weeks however, the expenses which are related with the research will not be provided for.



To become eligible for the said grant the participating student must be:


  • enrolled at a university in the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland
  • An undergraduate enrolled in their second year or third year in the field of dentistry, veterinary and basic science.
  • Students can also apply if they are studying in the natural sciences or computer sciences field

However, if a medical student is interested he or she may apply at the end of his or her second or third year of studies at the medical school.

Students are not qualified if they are:

  • planning to do their research outside the United Kingdom or the Republic of Ireland
  • graduate entry medical students who finished an undergraduate degree in the field of science
  • a medical student who finished the BSc year


Note:  This scholarship is for one time use only and the student cannot apply again after completing the program. This grant is also non-transferable.


The supervisor and the student should work together to go through the application, the research should be done within the 8 week frame. The student’s role is to be the primary contributor where he or she will be the one to arrange everything and not just going around helping with it. Academic records and the proposed research project will be reviewed before approving the application and the research should be within the biomedical research field and the study is encouraged to be done at a university which is not the one that they are currently in.

The supervisor can only send in or help only one application per candidate and the supervisor must hold an academic position in the university or research unit.


  • Research Medical Student Grant

Students who are interested in Radiology are the main concern of this medical school grant as it motivates student to be better with research and pursue a career in radiology in the near future. The project should be completed within a 10 week time frame and it will be conducted together with an advisor. This grant will enhance the skills of the students with regards to the hypothesis testing, research and objective definition and this will be done during the student’s personal time, it can also be added as a research elective in the curriculum or it can also be done during summer vacation.

The grant committee will award the student $3,000 and the sponsoring department will also give $3,000 for a total of $6,000 stipend for the research that will be done.

Who are eligible?


Students who are eligible for the said grant must be:

  • A full time medical student at a medical school recognized by the North American continent
  • A member of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) by the time of submission of the application. He or she can apply as a Member-in-Training or a non-dues paying member but the advisor or the co-investigator for the project should be also a member who pays dues.
  • A student in nuclear medicine, oncology radiation or radiology.

Applicants cannot apply if:

  • They received a contract for $60,000 or more in a year
  • They are receiving financial support from another organization or source for the same project they are to conduct. However, if the form of funding provided gives salary support and the other one for non-personnel research expenses, then this may be reconsidered.

Applications can be submitted and completed through utilizing the online Grant Application System accessible in their site (www.rsna.org).

These are only some example of available scholarships for medical school which may be able to help you to finish your studies and achieve your dreams.

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